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Hypnotism is All About Tapping Into The Power of Your Wonderful Mind And Developing a Better You.

They say That We Only Ever Use about 10% Of Our Brain Power and Hypnotism is Aimed at Tapping Into the remaining 90% To Help You Grow.

You May Think You’ve Never Been Hypnotized, But Have You Ever Been Driving And Become Unaware of How You Reached Your Destination?

That’s An Example of Self Hypnosis, When Your Conscious Mind has been Lulled Into Taking the Back Seat, While the Subconscious Mind Becomes More Aware. Hypnotism Seeks to Let You ‘Talk’ Directly To Your Subconscious, which Records Every Single Minute of Your Life, And Takes Everything It’s Told – usually through Your Thoughts – As the Gospel Truth.

Hypnotism Is Very Safe And Every Session Ends With Suggestions that You Fell Peaceful, Well, Refreshed and Engergised.

Psychologists Know That No Human Being Can Be Forced To Do Anything Against Their Beliefs Through Hypnosis.

Hypnotism Takes Its Name from Hypnos, the Greek God of sleep.

Many people use Hypnotism to Stop Smoking, Increase Their Confidence, Boost Their Energy, To Improve Their Relationships, To Upgrade Their Attitudes Towards Money and Even For Pain Relief.

Hypnotism Is A Fascinating Subject and there Are Many Different types, including Guided Hypnotism (through Audio Input), Self Hypnotism, Where People Deliberately ‘Think’ Themselves into a Hypnotic State, and the more Traditional Face-toFace Hypnotism, involving a trained therapist.

We Created the HYPNOTIZER To Provide Knowledge and Information about Hypnotism and Its Different Forms. This Vault has 54 Products, Taking Up 3.6 Gigabytes, not forgetting the great 20-product BONUS Package.

Because the Assets Will Open Your Mind To The Many Possibilities of Using Hypnotism To Perhaps Solve Some Of Your Problems and Improve Your life;

Because, If You put Into Practise The Tips, Techniques and Hypnotism Strategies In This Vault, You May Very Well Be Amazed At The Positive Changes You Might See In Your Life;

Because The Assets in This Vault include many Audio files That You Can Copy Onto Your Mobile Phone, So You Can Listen To These Guided Meditation Sessions, As You Lay In Bed Going To Sleep;

Because Hypnotism and Meditation Are Acknowledged To Be Great Ways To Relieve Stress And Improve Your Peace of Mind;

Because, If You Are Of A Mind To Do It, You Can Resell Many Of These Products on the Web. Most come with Sales Pages, Graphics and Some even with Squeeze Pages, Which You Can Easily Use to Market the Products Yourself;

Because the Cost of the Key To The HYPNOTIZER, is Less Than The Cost of an Average Restaurant Meal, A Movie Ticket, Or A Single Piece of Software. What A Deal!

Even If You Only Pick Up A half Dozen Hypnotism Techniques, You Could Use Them Daily To Improve Your Attitude and Lifestyle;

Because, Using Hypnotism In Any Of Its Forms, Could Genuinely Surprise You With Its Effectiveness and Ability To Deliver Whatever Results You Want;

We’ve had to breakdown all these goodies into separate downloadable bundles so you can get them without waiting too long. We argued amongst ourselves about giving too much in this deal, but we decided we like to over-deliver.

By now, I’m sure I’ve got your interest, but what sort of satisfaction guarantee do we give you? We love to keep our customers satisfied as Paul Simon once sang..

If, before 30 days of purchase, you are not happy with the contents of the HYPNOTIZER (how could you not be – it’s huge), we will refund your purchase money, if you promise to delete the products. Is that fair enough? We give our word so long as you give yours.

Just imagine the practical and valuable impact these awesome Hypnotism Assets can have on your Life.

So why hesitate? You’re not going to find another deal like this. Believe me, I’ve researched it.

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Very soon you’ll be able to get started downloading the 54 packs of assets, taking up an awesome 3.6 Gigabytes – not forgetting the extra great BONUSES..

And be patient, because it may take a while. We’ve sorted the assets into six download packs so you can get them more quickly, instead of the big bunch all at once.

It’s really that simple and you can have your key to HYPNOTIZER before your eyes in a matter of minutes.

You will receive instant access, any time, day or night.

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Act now for Self Improvement In Your Life and turn it into everything you want it to be.

Ross O. Storey – HYPNOTIZER Admin.

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You will receive instant access, any time, day or night.

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