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FilterBalls are lightweight, high-performance filtration media that have been developed to replace sand in private swimming pools, industrial or commercial filter systems. No more hassle and mess, just a 1 cubic foot bag of FilterBalls replaces and exceeds 45 kg of sand. Most household filters require less than 2.5 kg FilterBalls! What’s more? You can operate your filter with less energy and save so much money on your electricity bill.

Much lighter than the sand you use

Save a lot of money on your electricity bill

What are filter balls and why are they better than other filter media?

With 100% POLYETHYLENE it is a breakthrough in pool filtration. In retrospect, FilterBalls are so much easier to handle than large sandbags. It was certainly a million times easier to remove from the pool filter than the slimy old sand from which you had scooped for exactly over an hour. It can also trap smaller particles than normal filter sand. And after FilterBalls have been added, the filter pump is noticeably quieter.


Much easier to use

The pump of the filter is significantly quieter

Can trap smaller particles than normal filter sand







Super easy to manage

Filter balls are said to be super easy to use, 100x lighter than sand filter media and to improve circulation and filtration, with lower filter pressure and a higher flow rate. Eliminate the dragging and disposal of several hundred pounds of sand.

How it works

The large number of biological groups attached to its strong specific surface. The microsuspensions that do not turn out easily can be treated by direct trapping and electrochemical adsorption on oil and other contaminants.


FilterBalls are recyclable and can extend the life of your other devices (less operation), which in turn saves energy. More complete backwashing for longer filter cycles. And lower system pressure than sand.



Ventaja: Velocidad de filtración 3,5 veces más rápida que los medios filtrantes tradicionales, mayor capacidad de interceptación, mejor efecto de filtrado, lavado a máquina, ahorro de tiempo, gestión automatizada, uso repetido
Material: Poliéster, polipropileno, respetuoso con el medio ambiente y puede ser reciclado
Ocasión: Piscinas, acuarios y tanques de peces, etc
Uso: Rellenar dentro del filtro
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