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Paleta de maquillaje:

X SOPH – EXTRA SPICE PALETTE by MAKEUP REVOLUTION. It contains 18 ideally matched shades with matte and metallic finish. The set was created by Soph – the makeup star of YouTube. The palette in a shade of pink gold looks very elegant and original. A mirror was placed under the closing cover.

  • Set of 18 eye shadows.
  • They have a long-lasting, intensely pigmented formula.
  • The packaging with the mirror looks very elegant.
  • The set will allow you to create a make-up for every occasion.

– EVERYDAY – beige with a hint of brown and gray (metallic),
– RUNNING LATE – subdued light orange (matte),
– INFINITY – pigeon blue-gray (metallic),
– CHEESECAKE – brown with a hint of red (matte),
– COOKIE DOUGH – light brown with a hint of beige (matte),
– DREAMS – copper-gold (metallic),
– VITAMIN C – warm yellow (matte),
– SWEET N SOUR – subdued orange (matte),
– TWENTY ONE – intense raspberry (matte),
– ROMANCE – purple (metallic),
– ENCHANTED – dark, subdued purple (matte),
– LAKES – olive-brown (matte),
– BROWNIES – dark brown (matte),
– CHOCOLATE ORANGE – cinnamon (matte),
– MULLED WINE – purple (matte),
– LA SUN – gold (metallic),
– AURORA – rotten green, opalescent to gold (metallic),
– REPUTATION – dark shade of green with sea notes (matte).

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