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The book for anyone who says they could never give up cheese.

Let’s face it is not always easy going vegan. You know that veganism is a smart move whether for the good of the environment, your love of animals or for your own health and wellness. You want to make a difference but it seems so far out of reach to achieve. How will you know how to find foods when going out to eat? How do you even get started cooking without cheese! You’ve grown up accustomed to eating certain foods your whole life. But how do you get away from them? Let alone find all the time for this? Sound Familiar?

If it does, then the information inside this book will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

Because this diet is not a chore like you may think it is. With the right guide veganism can be made extremely simple and enjoyable, believe it or not. This book will be a helping hand on your path to a better and happier version of you. You may even find yourself saying, going vegan was one of the best decisions I ever made.

You Will Learn

  • How to find delicious substitutes for your favourite non vegan foods.
  • How to develop the mindset to gain self-control, deal with any criticism and develop the abilities to not let it affect you.
  • How to get your body to start to favour vegan foods over non vegan foods.
  • How to travel the world and eat out anywhere as a vegan.
  • Unique ways to make veganism affordable for people on a tight budget.
  • Tips on how to be healthy on a vegan diet.
  • How to make a difference in the world in non confrontational ways.
  • How to find those other like minded people who are vegan so your not alone in the journey.
  • The one tool that will help you find vegan foods where ever you are.
  • 20 simple and delicious easy and fast recipes to get you started.
  • How a vegan diet will help you lose weight. 
  • Tips and tricks for working out on a vegan diet.
  • Meal prep on a vegan diet to make life easier and save you time.

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