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Based on real events from the life and family history of the bestselling author of “Away From Here: A Young Adult Novel”, comes a semi-autobiographical story of three generations of family, and the bond forged in the struggle to break the grip of mental illness.


“The bullet let loose on July 22nd, 1939, destroyed a house full of children who went to sleep normal, but awoke forever deformed. The bullet ricocheted, lodging itself so deep inside each of them that none realized they’d been hit until years later. There were no survivors that day, even though there were many.”

So begins the latest work from bestselling novelist Nathan Dunbar, as he chronicles the dark secret that forever altered the trajectory of his family. As he struggles to complete that book, he realizes that another story begs to be written—the story of his own teenaged years, a time he spent asking questions about the origin of his parent’s mental illnesses, and forging a bond with the best friends he’s ever know.

As he writes memories flood back—of summer days spent playing basketball, of surviving his household with his twin sister, Clover, and the way he felt when Serafina moved in to the neighborhood. That summer he experienced something he only told her, something he’s never allowed himself to express until now, and when he does it will force a confrontation between the future he wants and the past he struggles to reconcile with.

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