▷ Libro: Snowflake Obsidian: Memoir of a Cutter (English Edition)




Willow’s your basic potty-mouth Mormon hippie with anger issues. Despite her parents fighting, her life is seemingly perfect. She has lots of friends, little responsibility and a stunning collection of sequined pillows. But everything changes when she and her best friend fall for the same guy. River is sexy, mysterious, and likes to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But there is something more behind his troubled jade eyes that draws Willow in. Relationships are tested and Willow ends up friendless and alone as she navigates the rough waters of a fiery first love. Soon, the illusions of her perfect world crumble and Willow must reexamine the beliefs that once built her rocky foundation. This quirky coming of age story follows Willow and River’s unlikely romance as they battle their own inner demons and struggle to find themselves and their place in the adult world.

«‘[Snowflake Obsidian]’ grabs you and refuses to let go until you’ve turned the last page.» Newsy Neighbour

«One of the most raw and real books I’ve read in a long time.» -The Book Shipper

«Touching and jarring…blunt and humorous…a story of healing and revelation that deserves to be told.» -Shameless Magazine

«A soul-baring book by a talented writer.» – SLUG Magazine

«Flippant, witty and profound.»
-Book Reviews and Other Stuff

«[Sage Steadman] writes in a sassy, colloquial voice [about] ‘the silent epidemic of the 21st century.'» -ABC News
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