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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a man who is successful with women?

To be «different from everyone» become a man who knows what he wants, achieves the goal and goes for more. Get on the dance floor, look into her eyes, smile and start dancing, feel this energy. You see that she likes it and wants more, but you are not so easy. You give and take, reward and punish, seduce her with your eyes and pay no attention. You become a reward … She is interested, she looks at you more and more often, you approach her, you hold her hands smiling shyly,
you already know … «she is» you make the first turn, you attract her, looking deep into the eyes, you lift her and turn her in the air …

Using a few sexual tricks, even if you can’t dance well ...

Tell me if you have it too … You go to a party and before you walk through the door you feel stress. You enter the club, you see the full dance floor, the bar, lots of people, you hear loud music. Half pity if you have drunk a lot before. Then somehow it goes. You see a nice dancing girl that you want to meet.

This is not a book where you can learn what dance is and what its types are. This is a book about expanding charm, not a dance school.

How to seduce with dance?

Dance is a body language. If you want to communicate, you must meet him. Seduction by dance is rather a guide to some useful tricks. Such seemingly small things as putting your foot in which direction to take a step. How to make your partner spin in a controlled pirouette with a gentle hand movement. And the trained movements will add lightness to the dance.

Dance – a game of senses that allows you to feel physical closeness, but respects the principles of social coexistence and conventions.

It’s more than just learned sequences of movements and turns.

It builds attractiveness in the eyes of a partner. It’s a flirt.

Dance is a game of the senses. Dance allows you to approach someone and at the same time stay in line with the conventions. Dance is sex, freedom to be with the body.
Dance is one of the fastest forms of building attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex, as well as sexual relationship.
Dance itself is more than just specific sequences of movements, lifts or phrases. It’s flirtation, seduction, playing with the opposite sex.

You are approaching and at the moment …

You have thoughts in your head. «What if he gets all the oils from me?» Next is next, also cool. You think – I’ll try for another. You come up and the same …
As if an invisible force blocks you from approaching and dancing with a girl
I’m too sober, you think … you need to get more out of it.

You go to the bar, a few queues and come back to the dance floor.

You approach the next … and stumble over your own legs, and she looks at you with disgust. You want to grab her hand, but she pulls away and doesn’t want to dance with a drunk guy.
Do you have the impression that you don’t feel the rhythm and you will not impress with your dance?

It was a moment ago, but the stress that overcame you makes you force yourself to dance and try to break the resistance. You start dancing. You make 2-3 moves, the song ends and what’s next … next is the butt. You know that you will not think about anything. A short smile and you leave the dance floor. A few more attempts and the situation repeats. As usual, you’re coming home … broken, with an empty wallet.

Before we move on, I want you to know that I will show you the way …
How to change it and finally overcome the fear of starting a dance with a girl
… and then spin the girl’s head in a few sexy moves.

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