▷ Libro: Secrets Anonymous: Our Story (English Edition)




Do you have a secret?

More than likely you do, or you know somebody who does. Often times a secret will tell you “You’re not good enough” or “You are alone.” Whether it’s a secret involving drugs, depression, abuse, or suicide, the secret has one lie . . . You Can’t Tell Anybody!

In Secrets Anonymous, you will read Terrence’s personal story as well as messages and notes written to him from students across the country after they experienced a school assembly program that spreads the message that “You are loved” and “You are not alone.”

No matter what your secret is, in this book you will find a similar story of a real student that is experiencing the same thing. The details may not be the same, but the feelings will. Some letters end positively and some not so much, but it’s all real. Whether you’re the friend looking to help a friend deal with a secret or you yourself are holding one, you will get some answers and knowledge that will give you comfort and hope.
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