▷ Libro: Sadology (English Edition)




Based on true facts.

“Who speaks?”
“Yeah? Who speaks?” I barely hear his voice.
“I’m Daniel, do you remember me? Well, we never met.”
“Daniel?” It takes me a few seconds to know who is “Oh… you are Alina’s friend, right?” That does not sounds good.
“Yeah… I cannot… you know, she loved you very much.”
“What happens? How does she…?” My blood starts to boil. It gives me a bad feeling.
“I’ll send you a message, please” and he hangs up.
I search on the messages, I wait a little, without caring about anything else. I receive the message.
“Excuse me for telling you that, but she wanted me to be like that.” What did Alina want?
“Alina could not do more with so much. She took her life today.”

This is our story, one where love seems to elope quickly, between family problems, and addictions, causing a terrible nightmare.
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