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Are you a vegetarian or are you considering switching to a plant based diet?

Are you looking for great tasting and healthy recipes that you will love?

This book will provide it for you!

As huge numbers of the population begin to understand that meat is not an essential part of healthy eating and indeed can sometimes be bad for us in a number of ways, so the leaning towards a more plant based diet becomes ever greater. With a huge variety to choose from and with cookery books now providing ever more delicious recipes for non-meat options, is the time right for you too?

In this book, Plant Based Diet Meal Plan: Easy and Healthy Plant Based Recipes for the Whole Family, you can find all the information you will need to get started with your change in eating habits, with chapters that provide:

  • What the plant based diet is

  • What benefits you can get for your health

  • A stunning 14-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan

  • More than 70 Plant-Based Recipes with ingredients, preparation method and health fact

  • Plant-Based Diet Recipes from breakfast to dinner

  • Ideas for snacks, soups and desserts

  • And more…

Changing to a plant based diet is something that all of us can do. The change also doesn’t have to be severe or life altering, except in a good way, and Plant Based Diet Meal Plan will get you started and keep you motivated as you transition to a much healthier way of eating.


              Get a copy now and see how easy it can be for you!

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