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According to W.H.O, an estimated 300million people battle with depression and suicide thoughts every day, which causes billions of dollars, in lost economic productivity annually.
There is something that you can do to take control of your life once again!
Overcome and Live Beyond provides you with a variety of techniques and strategies that make you blend positivity, inner-belief and confidence-building to break free from those feelings to live the life that you deserve!

Rise above your fears. Break through your barriers. End the anxiety that holds you back. This is the book that will inspire you to dominate all aspects of your life so that you can get the most and enjoy your everyday living!

With each turn of the page, you will infuse yourself with the boldness and confidence that unleashes your inner-Lion to be your best!

Through his personal experience, Dominion describes how you can turn any hard situation into positive opportunities, just as he transformed his rejections into promotions!
This book will definitely change your life and help you see yourself from a very different perspective!
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