▷ Libro: One Drink Away: From Demon to Freedom (English Edition)





“This book is a life-changing experience. I have recovered, but a story like this may help others who want to go from demon to freedom.”ABOUT THE BOOKOne Drink Away describes my tale of addiction to alcohol, my near death, and my road to recovery. I took my first taste at age thirteen. As time passed, alcohol became a daily refuge for me. While I was in college, I always seemed to have alcohol on hand.When I joined the Navy, my addiction was growing, but I refused to see it. After the Navy, I returned to my old job of driving a truck where I usually had a few drinks with my buddies before I pulled out onto the open road with a drink in my hand. This became the pattern of my life.I tried numerous treatment centers, found myself hospitalized more than once, but still I persisted in my daily drinking habits. I couldn’t live without it, but it was killing me. I actually wanted to die but didn’t have the courage to commit suicide, so I prayed to God to take me during my sleep and relieve me of my demons. This is the story of my journey through hell and back, and I give all the glory to my higher power that I call God. I want you to know that it really is possible to go from the demon to freedom. I hope this book will help you, or someone you know, climb from the pits of hell to find happiness, joy and freedom, possibly for the first time in life.
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