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In Book 2 of the Finding Kali Trilogy, Kali Rae moves from Newport Coast, a beach town in Orange County, to the City of Stars: Los Angeles. As the youngest of three, Kali has always been protected. Now, Kali Rae is in a new place where nobody knows her name. And there is no one around to save her from herself or the people hoping to prey on her naivety.

In addition, since middle school, Kali has been on a reckless path led by doctors with overzealous prescribing tendencies. Book 1, Losing Kali, illustrates the long and bumpy ride to the Valedictorian podium of her high school graduation. Things get a whole lot more complicated once in the City of Angels: a city where the people she comes into contact with are anything but angelic.

And I almost forgot, within days of the big move to Los Angeles, Kali is prescribed Lexapro. Kali Rae’s roller coaster train is about to come crashing down at full speed with no one around to hit the brake: no one around to even suggest she brace for impact.
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