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Do you look ugly and odd with that pot shaped belly?

It is not only for appearing attractive to the opposite gender but also to avoid dangerous diseases like Diabetes, Cancer etc., one needs to focus on loosing the belly fat .

This is not an over-bragging book, having a simple checklist of the magical exercises and amazing foods to loose belly fat fast.

This book contains detailed scientific information, starting from the very basic question like: «What is Belly fat?» to very in-depth details and ways to lose belly fat.

Sure, this book was not written by a Health scientist who is discovering ground breaking things everyday. But, definitely written by someone who is passionate of this field and helped many among his loved ones to be their fitter and healthier selves.

Read the book thoroughly, understand the Belly fat more in detail, plan a scientific approach comfortable to you to get rid of the abdominal fat with the help of this book and become the healthier you!

What can you expect from this book?

  • What are belly fat and abdominal fat?
  • Types of belly fat and way to get rid of them the harmless way.
  • Things that make us gain belly fat.
  • Visceral fat and risks of having it, Fatty Liver, Types of fatty liver and Fatty heart.
  • Connection between Belly fat and Diabetes and other dangerous diseases.
  • Ways to reduce belly fat, post pregnancy.
  • Natural ways of loosing belly fat, in a scientific way.
  • Detailed information on Fat burning foods.

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