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WRIITEN FOR JUVENILE DELINQUENT AND AT RISK YOUTH, this is a tale of a troubled youth caught up in the child welfare, mental health and juvenile justice system. More so, however, it is about reclaiming youth at risk. It goes beyond most juvenile delinquency memoirs by including questions and exercises designed to help other traumatized children and rebellious teens develop their own plan to turn their life around.

This true story about the juvenile justice is also an ideal resource for

•Juvenile justice assigned readings
•Corrections education assigned readings
•Special education assigned readings
•Child and family psychology assigned readings

Unlike other books about juvenile delinquency, teachers, parents and kids will find the subject matter and easy-to-read and understand style appropriate for

•Book reports
•Literacy programs
•Reading comprehension

Hi. My name is Waln Brown. I hate my first name. Just call me Wally.

If you hate your life as much as I used to hate mine, then you need to read this book. Being a kid is tough. But feeling like the whole world is against you is just too much! It fills you with pain and makes you act in dumb ways. At least that’s how I felt and acted. Living sucked, and I didn’t see my life getting any better.

That’s why I tried to kill myself.

I was about 10 years old the first time. I downed a whole bottle of sleeping pills. They had my stomach pumped. I tried two more times before I turned 16. I was so bad at everything in my stupid life that I couldn’t even kill myself.

I wasn’t good at school either. I almost flunked 7th grade. They put me in special education in 8th grade. I failed 9th grade. I had detention hall almost every night.

I even got thrown out of school for beating the head of another student into a brick wall until he passed out. He had it coming! He hit me first.

My parents didn’t seem to want me. The first time I felt unwanted was when my dad left us. The next time was when my mom put me in one of those orphanages. Both times I felt like my guts were ripped out.

I had been seeing shrinks since age six. But I never thought of myself as being nuts. At least not until the juvenile court sent me to a psychiatric hospital. For 77 scary days and nights I fought to stay alive in a place full of old men who were sick in the head.

That’s when I started to think I really was nuts!

I already knew I was bad. I was so bad that the juvenile court put me on juvenile probation. I had a juvenile probation officer who watched my every move. He put me in juvenile detention twice.

The day I turned 16, I quit going to school. I hated school! That’s when my probation officer and juvenile court judge sent me to a juvenile reform school.

I spent the next 18 months of my life in juvenile corrections. I was just months away from my 18th birthday. I would be an adult soon. If I continued to get in trouble, I’d be going to jail or prison. I knew I had to change my life or pay the price.

That’s when I developed a plan to turn my life around.

I never got in trouble with the law again. I graduated high school and went on to become a doctor. I’m married, own a nice home and live a happy and healthy life.

My plan worked for me. It can work for other delinquents, too!

Read this true story about juvenile justice in America to learn about the author’s plan and how you can rise above your troubled childhood.
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