▷ Libro: Fred’s Story: A Trauma Recovery Workbook (English Edition)




Fred is an abused and neglected young elephant who lives in the circus. He has a story to tell and has chosen to share it with you. He is a lonely elephant who understands the self-blame and self-hatred that comes from being treated like you don’t count, like an object, like a burden and disappointment, or like you’re invisible. Follow Fred through his story of abandonment, abuse, neglect, healing and recovery. His attachment to his chain is a moving and subtle dramatization of the conflicted ambivalent attachment to the perpetrator experienced by many abused and neglected children. It is also a story of hope, recovery and happiness.

The author, Ruth Long, LPC, understands survivors of childhood trauma very well. Many children and adults have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, family violence, neglect, loss of primary caretakers, and come from extremely dysfunctional family dynamics. Their mental health problems can include depression, dissociative disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, self-mutilation, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. Fred would understand.

Fred’s story is written in simple, moving language that is suitable for older children, teens and adults. It is not a children’s book – rather it is a powerful story of trauma and survival accompanied by a therapeutic workbook. Trauma survivors will find Fred’s Story useful, and will appreciate knowing that someone else – Fred – has gone through what they have gone through, and come out the other side.
Mental Health Professionals will appreciate the workbook included in Fred’s Story. It will be a very useful tool in therapy.
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