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If I wrote down what was in my mind
Would you read it?
Would you learn from it?
Would it inspire in you, the same thing that it inspires in me?
I will not claim to be transparent,
But I will claim to house a mind that is made of glass.
Brittle, fragile glass,
Housed in a body that refuses to give in.
It is this relationship that allows me to write down what is inside of me.
It is this relationship, that I give to you,
So that one day, you may realize,
That even if you are fractured,
You will never be broken.
In FRACTURES IN A GLASS MIND, Poet Nicholas Sparkman uses an alluring voice with a subtle, soft-spoken delivery to explore the relationship between physical, intellectual, and emotional—body, mind, and soul. He offers this careful balance to you, dear reader, in hopes that you will be at peace while you reassess your greatest struggles.
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