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ADAPTED FROM THE AUTHOR’S TRUE STORY, THE OTHER SIDE OF DELINQUENCY, AND WRITTEN AT A MIDDLE SCHOOL READING LEVEL for children of divorce and rebellious teens, the author reveals how his father’s rejection, mother’s crazy behaviors, years of mind-boggling parent fighting and their emotional divorce slowly ate away at his brain like battery acid.

Depression and suicidal thoughts lead to two suicide attempts and years of appointments with child psychologists. His mother placed him in one of Pennsylvania’s orphanages. He ran away. His mother took him back. He nearly failed seventh grade, spent most of eighth grade in special education classes and had to repeat the ninth grade.

He was placed in the county juvenile detention home twice, committed to a state psychiatric hospital for evaluation and sentenced to a juvenile reform school until his senior year of high school.

Read this brief, easy to read and understand e-book to learn what this former juvenile delinquent learned about turning his life around through a series of questions that at risk youth can use to personalize their answers and put their own life in perspective.
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