▷ Libro: Confronting Her (English Edition)




A young woman traveling through London journals a heartfelt confession of a forbidden sexuality, an abusive relationship, and the effect of her mental disorder on the perception of others. The narrator fights the rigid ideals of right and wrong as she challenges her conservative background to explain the love between her and her childhood best friend. It is now years after the devastating breakup, and torn by an understanding of her role in a world seemingly divided into heroes and villains, abusers and abused, sane and insane, the college graduate attempts to find a place outside conventional storytelling. Who can speak? Who should stay silent? Whose fault is everything? Against every turn made alone on a solo trip across the ocean, the narrator parallels similar events from the memories of her past relationship. As she loses her way in a foreign city, she puts to rest the loss of her familiar habits and love. Blame is not enough; forgiveness is not enough; distance cannot separate a person from a vicious cycle of self-hate. In the end only one question remains: is it possible to escape the losing side?
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