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Read the personal story of how a family survives and thrives in the middle of battling anxiety and depression through faith, dedication, and love.

In Batavia, Illinois, we have lost three teenagers to suicide in the past three years. The author wages war against the Beast that threatens to take her daughter, Brooklyn, too. Brooklyn’s poetry speaks volumes to the agony that millions of teenagers and adults go through daily as they struggle with anxiety and depression. She is able to express through her words the angst millions feel but are unable to vocalize. Her poetry shows the spectrum from the dark side of these disorders to the hope that lies within her. It is her dream that through this book, we can take the shame and stigma away from living with anxiety and depression.

We Miss You
by Brooklyn Belair

You were a flower in bloom.
You were a butterfly in a cocoon.
So close to brighter days.
So many more birthdays
To be had.
The things in your head were bad,
Telling you it’s never going to get better,
Leaving us with a letter
Saying I love you.
I wish you had a clue
How much we miss you.

Chapter One – War

The battle that goes on in Brooklyn’s head is unexplainable to me and to so many that know her. Every time I think we have a handle on it, something else triggers it, and the Beast rears its ugly head. Anxiety, depression—they are fighting with my daughter. Some days they are ahead in this battle, and their victory feels so close that I feel her slipping away. Other days my grip is stronger, and I find more ways and reasons for her to hold on to this world. It is a never-ending battle; from every waking moment, I am at war.

The war is ongoing and real, yet completely invisible until you see her scars. Some of our children wear their scars on the outside, some on the inside. They are in pain. They are the victims of a war that no one wants to talk about, especially them. Adults find shame in it, so how do we expect our children to understand that it’s okay not to be okay? How do we explain and communicate with our children something that most of us adults don’t understand?

You see, in our hometown, we have lost three teenagers to suicide in the past three years. It haunts me; it haunts all of us. Three lives in our little town gone, but not forgotten.

Those three lives saved my daughter’s life. They shook my world and woke me up to the reality of what was happening before my very eyes, in my own home. We will always honor them in our hearts and in these words that we write in the hopes that, through this book, others will know that it’s okay not to be okay and that it does get better.

Witness the challenges and triumphs of a family as they face anxiety, depression, and the chronic pain of RSD/CRPS with love, faith, and hope.
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