▷ Libro: Bravely MisEducated: How I Lost My Voice (English Edition)




This insightful, raw and heartbreaking narrative by Army retired veteran Teressa Boone explores the funny and tragic experiences of a young girl growing up in the inner-city of Chicago. The story is about Betty, who is battling her self-esteem, and how her life changes after she is faced with abuse, violence, and the grief of losing love ones.

It dramatizes about why she decides to enlist in the U.S. Army, with eventful things happening to her and her community. Bravely MisEducated is a story of miseducation, memories, and love and it also deals with the uncertainty of life.

The book highlights the issues of living with trauma, the emotions and triggers that revert back to the root cause, and portrays the differences of perspectives in the eyes of the reader.
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