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Blue as Blueberry Cupcakes written by Debora Marion and illustrated by her daughter Élaina Marion supports education and nutrition. Reading is an enjoyable experience for children of all ages, and Blue as Blueberry Cupcakes is certainly a book that young children will enjoy. This book gives young readers the confidence that they need to succeed at reading. Adults will enjoy reading this book because each picture in this book is represented by easy-to-read text. The book uses predictability that allows young readers to chime in during the reading of the text. In addition, this book contains many beautiful illustrations created by the very talented and very gifted artist, Élaina Marion. Using her special techniques with colors, she has created unique artistic drawings that depict specific characteristics of each object and person displayed in the book. In addition, the author Debora Marion ensures that Blue as Blueberry Cupcakes supports the education of young children with both rhyming words and alliteration.
Blue as Blueberry Cupcakes is a book that supports young readers learning how to read. Teachers can incorporate Blue as Blueberry Cupcakes into their reader’s workshop with young children. In addition, the author includes nutrition education within the text. Teachers may wish to use this book to teach science. For example, teachers may discuss the importance of eating healthy—fresh fruits. In the text, the author introduces the reader to fresh blueberries, raspberries, and green grapes. In addition, at the end of the story, the author includes a simple but very delicious blue as blueberry muffin recipe. Teachers may have children create their own snack. For example, teachers may allow children to measure out the ingredients needed to make the muffins. For example, teachers may allow the children to measure out the blueberries and yogurt.
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