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Many westerners have drifted to practicing Bento. This is not all by interest to have a cute, decorative food, however it is by the desire for an economical, healthy way to eat when there is recession.
Today, there are many people who love the delicious recipes and the Bento Beginners Cookbook, lay all tips practically for everyone to follow.
The Bento Beginners Cookbook is packed with many lovely Bento Menus and more than 50 recipes.
We have dedicated painstickingly time in creating all these for this book.
We have the SANSHOKU BENTO loved by many children going to school and SHIO KOJI KARAAGE BENTO which are of the Japanese.
We have also included in this book the healthy and economic importance of the Bento, for your overall benefit.
Also we have perfectly written a practical guideline on how to incorporate Bento into anyone’s lifestyle.
This is the perfect book for a Bento Beginner.

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