▷ Libro: And When You Become a Diamond (English Edition)




Follow one mother’s journey to help her daughter through a myriad of mental health issues which appeared to surface suddenly and without warning.
Following a breakdown which had seen her incarcerated in a psychiatric unit for three months suffering with psychosis, Melanie now thought all her troubles were behind her. She had made a full recovery and life was good again. Until, a year to the day, she was released from hospital and a frightening turn of events saw her young daughter fighting for her life after taking an overdose.
Suddenly her nightmare returned, only this time her daughter was at the centre of it.
But why? She hadn’t seemed troubled, had coped with everything so well and seemed to be flourishing. What had made her have an attempt on her life?

As things unravelled, her daughter descended into the same dark place she had been and now Melanie was fighting a new battle – one to get her daughter well again.

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