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A Toast to Your Journey is a small, powerful, mystical, nonfiction book. It outlines the steps the author, Shari Sylvester, took on her own quest from here to there–from this chaotic, troubled world we live in today into a new reality, a new beginning for those who choose to travel there. It is written as a general guide for teens and young adults, but it’s open to all who are open to it.
Have you had enough lack of integrity, discrimination and corruption in this world? Enough anger and pain in your life, and in the lives of those around you? What if, out of chaos comes change? Are you ready for that change?
Shari Sylvester writes that you, teens and young adults, have never accepted the dysfunction and inefficiency in the world today, and that you’re adaptable, open to change and love adventure. Will you choose to not only take this challenging journey, but in turn, lead others? There are enough of you, and you’re young, strong, smart, brave and well prepared by movies, books and games. She feels you are here at the right time, and more than ready for this fabulous, sci-fi-like future. Could it be just what you’ve been waiting, or even searching, for?
Each of you would bring great value to this journey and its destination–no exceptions. Whatever you’ve done in this life is not the real you. You can shift into this new, high-vibration reality with no effect on your current life with family, friends, religion or anything else, but you will be an enhanced you in a subtly different life space as you release your emotional life-wound pain and increase your personal power through your own inner guidance. You are always the one in control of your situation.
Are you ready to gather your powers and go forward to a wondrous new future? Now is the time and this book shows you the way.
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