▷ Libro: A Look Inside Myself: Musings from an adolescent mind (English Edition…




Step into a world not limited by the binary, the “either-or,” but comprising infinite gradations, encompassing a spectrum of hues, emotions, experiences, and ideals previously reviled.

Journey beyond linear concepts, ideologies, and predilections, emulated by the minority, to mollify the majority.

“Normal” is a construct, not a reality: an unattainable objective, instituted to control what is perceived, while marginalizing that which does not conform. 
Delve into the multifariousness and complexities of the adolescent mind, where paradigms do not exist, and conformity has lost all meaning.

Experience the perfection of imperfection. Not all stories have a happy ending, not all daughters are princesses or daddy’s little girl.

My rainbows are colorless, and my world’s a shade of grey.


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