▷ Libro: A Broken Lighthouse (English Edition)




When someone makes you…passionate…? No. That’s not the right word. I can’t think of the word. When someone comes into your life and sets your mind and soul on fire… They destroy all the dark corners and rip down all of those dingy walls. They let the sun shine in and the warmth kiss your skin. Your soul is raging with…passion? No. That word just doesn’t fit. This is something much more. This is where that person creates a cascade of vibrant colors and you see the possibilities of life. They burn so deep within you that this feeling pours from your fingertips and your lips into sweet nothings that fill the air between you. This feeling moves you in such a way that you finally realize the wonders of the world and how to do all the things you thought you couldn’t. So you do it. You do all that you can. Your words and your actions grow and grow with that flame within. You burst out. You become beautiful and can accomplish anything. Maybe you could’ve done it all along. But that one person…That one person is the one to light your soul on fire to get you there. You’re consumed by these emotions. You’re passionate about everything you do. It’s wonderful. And it’s all because of one person. You soon become dedicated to using those flames to light the way for others. You are full of adoration and passion, finally, all thanks to that one person. In love. That’s it. That’s what I wanted to say. I’m in love…With the soul I was made for.
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