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Do you feel lonely? Depressed? Like you have no hope?

I’m pleading with you to take a few minutes and read this book. Suicide is not the way out. You have so much to live for. There are many books dealing with how to spot the signs of suicide but this book is a direct note written to YOU. I call it an anti-suicide note. Let me share with you some horrifying stories and how I truly believe that you can find a way out of this deep hole you find yourself in. You can laugh. You can love. You can move on. Each part of this book has a «speak this» section where you can speak over your own life and change how you feel.

This book is my heart to you poured out on paper. It was a hard book to write but I felt so compelled because I saw you in my heart and I have a crucial message for you…CHOOSE LIFE.

I’ve seen many people make that decision to end their life, some have been my friends. It makes me very sad yet angry because I know there is a voice that lies. I wrote this in the hopes that YOU can take just a few minutes of your precious
time and read through this book.YOU have a person who cares about you, ME.

Things are not as bad as you think. You can make it. This WILL pass. I do have some references to the Bible in this
book but YOU do not need to be religious at all to get help from this book.

So PLEASE read it.
Please take just a little time to look it over. YOU are worth it, YOUR LIFE IS worth it. When you are done reading it please write to me and tell me you’ve made it. I am praying for you and I believe in you!” ~Lisa
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