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One of the most frequent problems is low self-esteem. Low self-esteem involves a negative perception of oneself and is a factor that can limit us a lot in our daily life.  
The truth is that, on many occasions, patients do not know how to identify who suffer from low self-esteem. 
Why? Because low self-esteem leads to other problems that are the presumed cause for which they turn to the psychologist, problems such as symptoms of anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, stress, addictions, etc.  
And here are some tips to identify what’s happening to us and how we can solve it.  
It is easy to increase self-esteem, you just have to make a little effort. 
What is self-esteem? 
Self-esteem is the set of beliefs, perceptions, evaluations and thoughts we have about ourselves, the evaluation we make based on our experiences.

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